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Early Student Pick-Up

Anyone picking up students must:

  • be on the emergency card
  • have  photo identification 
  • enter the office and personally sign-out each student

When picking up students please plan your time to comply with these requirements.


Is this your child's desk?

student desk.jpg

Contact our Attendance Clerk,

Ana Barajas

 (510) 723-3815 ext. 9



Please provide the following information: 

  • child’s full name
  • spelling of child's last name
  • room number
  • date(s) of absence
  • reason for absence
  • your name and relationship to the student
  • phone number where you may be reached




Truancy Notification

First Notification Letter

To be classified as a truant, a student has had three (3) unexcused absences or three (3) tardies of 30 minutes or more. Education Code Section 48260.5 requires that the parent/guardian will be notified by a letter informing them of what can occur if their child is not in school.

Second Notification Letter – Truancy Meeting

If improvements in attendance have not been made, then a 2nd letter will be generated. The 2nd letter will have a time and date that you will need to meet with the principal to discuss why your student has been absent without valid reasons.


If all of the above has failed and your child is still not attending school, then your child will be referred for a School Attendance Review Board (SARB) hearing at the Hayward Police Department. 


Excused Absences

  • illness
  • medical/dental appointment
  • death or funeral of immediate family member

note: Medical absence of more than 10 days will require a doctor's note



Tardy students

must report to the

office for a tardy

slip before reporting

to class.

We cannot excuse tardies

for oversleeping,

car troubles, heavy traffic, etc.